Dress Code for The Grand Palace and Temples around Bangkok
Temples in Bangkok
Temples in Bangkok
Dresscode for Grand Palace and Temple in Bangkok
Dresscode for Grand Palace and Temple in Bangkok

Visiting The Grand Palace and The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) in Bangkok, Thailand, is a cultural and spiritual experience. To maintain the sanctity and respect for these revered sites, visitors must adhere to a strict dress code.

Dress Code Requirements:

  1. Shoulders and Arms Covered:
    • Both men and women must cover their shoulders and upper arms. Sleeveless tops, tank tops, and spaghetti straps are not permitted. A lightweight shawl or scarf can be used to cover bare shoulders.
  2. Long Pants and Skirts:
    • Visitors must wear long pants or skirts that extend beyond the knees. Shorts, mini-skirts, and ripped pants are not allowed.
  3. Footwear:
    • Comfortable walking shoes or sandals with a back strap are recommended. Flip-flops and open-back shoes are generally acceptable but may need to be removed before entering certain temple areas.
  4. No See-Through Clothes:
    • Transparent or see-through clothing is not allowed. It is important to wear attire that is not only modest but also opaque.
  5. No Tight-Fitting Clothes:
    • Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight or revealing. The emphasis is on modesty and respect for the religious environment.
  6. Hats and Sunglasses:
    • Hats and sunglasses should be removed when entering the temple buildings as a sign of respect.

Cultural Respect:

Dressing appropriately is a sign of respect for Thai culture and Buddhism. The dress code is strictly enforced, and those who do not comply will be denied entry. However, there are rental shops and kiosks nearby where you can borrow or purchase suitable clothing if needed.